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Whilst some leagues may initially decide not to use WGS for player registration purposes, all clubs will still benefit from using the system to maintain and manage their players’ records.

Amongst these benefits are;

  • Secure storage of player records
  • Records updated annually, creating a lasting history for each player
  • Club and Team records available for league registration processes (where appropriate)
  • More efficient club discipline management
  • Use of the FA number (FAN) to create a single player view – particularly for those clubs using Full-Time
  • Providing your club with better player information to help you plan for the future

Here is how Player Registration works:

  • Leagues setup up online registration requirements in WGS
  • Clubs develop a player list and organise those players into teams
  • Clubs then submit this information through online registration on WGS
  • Leagues review & approve clubs online registration information
  • Finally the information is automatically integrated with Full-Time


Player registrations

Do your club secretary a favour and take player registrations online with a website from MyClubPro. Setup custom registration forms and export the data ready for the Whole Game System.

Whole Game SYSTEM FAQs

Registering Players online is not mandatory for clubs. However, even if your league does not currently accept online player registrations via the Whole Game System (WGS) they may look to adopt the process in coming seasons and completing the Player Registration process for your club now will mean you won't have to do it again in the future.

Also, registering your club players will help you to save administration time on other club management processes; such as team discipline.

A club Guide to Player Registration is available to help with the process, along with e-learning videos on the Whole Game System (WGS). If you're struggling or would like to speak with someone about the process, just get in touch with us and we'll support you.

No, clubs have to affiliate first before they can register their players. For this season, affiliation opens in April 2018 (further details will be on our website informing clubs when they can affiliate) with a deadline to affiliate by 1st June 2018. Please contact Sam Charles, Hampshire FA Operations Administrator. 

No, online Player Registration is not mandatory. However, we encourage clubs to start doing this as it will make online administration simpler and easier in the long-run.

Where a club does identify a duplicated player, they should advise their County FA of the details of the duplicates, who can use the standard de-duplication process to tidy up the records.

There may be a number of reasons why players already have records on Whole Game System – they may have been added in the past through the discipline process, or may have FAN records through England Supporters, or may have been added due to a role with a club, league, as a referee or through a qualification.

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