Senior Cup 2017


Sanctioning all competitions and tournaments

Due to Covid-19, all tournaments will be postponed until further notice. Organisers of tournaments will be notified. Any further updates will be communicated. 

Sanctioning competitions and tournaments safeguards everyone

After the process has been completed, Hampshire FA will advertise your competitions and tournaments on this page. 

All Adult and Youth tournaments require sanctioning by Hampshire FA in order for affiliated teams to participate in the tournament, and for all necessary insurances to be valid. To sanction a tournament, please download the Tournament Sanction Form (see bottom of the page). You will then need to fill out points 1-18 and return the form to, along with a copy of your own tournament rules.

Clubs are also now required to complete a safeguarding risk assessment form which must be sent alongside the tournament sanction form and tournament rules to Sam Charles. 

Please see the FA Standard code of rules for your reference when creating your tournament rules. Once the application has been reviewed, you will receive an invoice for £76.80. After this has been paid the tournament sanction will be confirmed and added to our website for advertisement.


2020 Tournaments Sanctioned by Hampshire FA

 No current dates available 


You/The Club will need to provide and complete the following:

Sanction Form
Tournament Rules

Risk Assessment (this can be completed nearer the time but will be a mandatory document this year and will need to be completed and sent to Hampshire FA at least 2 weeks before the tournament- If you use your own template then this is okay - as long as it has been carried out and completed/sent). It will not need to be carried out by someone that specialises in Risk Assessments/Health and Safety, as long as it is completed by someone who is in the Club/Tournament process. 
Team List- This will need to be sent to Hampshire FA a week before the tournament runs- all clubs will be sent by a reminder by that this will need to be sent. Clubs will receive this on the Monday of the week of their tournament.

An Invoice of £76.80 will be visible to pay on Whole Game once the Sanction Form has been completed- the invoice can be sent directly if needed, please just email to ask this to be sent. Once the Sanction form and Tournament rules have been sent over, and the invoice has been paid, we will issue a Sanction letter. This Sanction letter is on the provision that a Risk Assessment and Team List will be completed and sent to Hampshire FA at a later date, if these conditions are not met then we will have to remove the Sanction for the Tournament. 

It costs £76.80 to sanction a tournament with the county. There can be exceptions if it is a charity tournament.

Football clubs need to be affiliated to sanction a tournament. Organisations can also sanction tournaments with the county and have affiliated teams participate in the tournament without being an affiliated club.