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Support with Discrimination

Football is inclusive (for everyone to enjoy). 

Discrimination is when someone is treated negatively because of a certain characteristic. One example that you might have heard of is racism (treating someone negatively because of their race). It could also be treating someone negatively because of their religion, age, sex (gender) or a number of other things.

Discrimination is not acceptable and has no place in football.

If you think you see discrimination, you should report it.

You can find out more about this, including the different types of discrimination and how to report it, by clicking the button below.


If you have a problem or feel unsafe there are a number of different people who you can go to for help.

1. A parent, a coach, or any adult that you trust

If there is an adult that you trust, you can tell them any problems that you are having. You can also show them the contact details below so they know other people who can help.

 2. Your Club Welfare Officer

Your football team has a Club Welfare Officer who is trained to help keep all children in the club safe and make sure that you are enjoying your football with the club. If you have any problems, you can go to them and they will help. If you don't know who this person is, you can find out by asking a parent, a coach or manager, or anyone else involved in the club.

3. The Hampshire FA Safeguarding Team

Hampshire FA have a safeguarding team to make sure that all children involved in football across Hampshire are safe and enjoy their football. You can go to any person in the team below with a problem and trust them. They are here to help you.

Ian Binks

Ian Binks - Designated Safeguarding Officer


Phone: 07718122900

Melanie Gill

Melanie Gill - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer


Phone: 07885807321

Neil Cassar

Neil Cassar - Senior Safeguarding Lead


Darren Parker

Darren Parker - Deputy Senior Safeguarding Lead


4. The FA Safeguarding Team

The FA also have a safeguarding team. If you would prefer to speak to them, call 0800 169 1863 and ask for the safeguarding team or email


What if I can't reach any of those people or I don't want to go to them for help?

If you can't contact any of the people above and you feel unsafe, you can call the NSPCC - 0808 800 5000

If your problem is an emergency, call the police - 999

A page for all players under the age of 18 to express their views freely and openly and for the county FA to listen to what they have to say and to support with their requests/feedback. 

The 'Open Up' survey is for any person under the age of 18 that plays football in Hampshire. This ranges from mini soccer age (6 years old) right up to older players that could be playing for an adult team (16 and 17 year olds).

Our team at Hampshire FA will look at all of the feedback and use this information to try and make football safer and more enjoyable for you.

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