Hampshire FA Renews Media Partnership with Kick it Out

Kick It Out is delighted to announce it has renewed its media partnership with Hampshire Football Association (FA).

Following on from the success of the media partnership in its first season, both parties have extended the agreement for a further 12 months.

As part of the agreement, the organisation will publicise regular news provided by Hampshire FA and additionally Kick It Out will have a presence at some of Hampshire FA’s key events including meetings with the Hampshire FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG).

In 2016, the county FA launched a new media partner package recognising the need to build stronger relationships with media organisations in the county in line with their objective of running the game, to market and publicise opportunities and in turn to increase numbers participating in the sport, Hampshire FA’s key objective.

Hampshire FA will also promote Kick It Out’s award-winning reporting app on their App by Pappillon Media, along with a series of other joint initiatives encouraging equality and inclusion in all aspects of the game.

Roisin Wood, Kick It Out’s Chief Executive Officer, was pleased to continue the partnership with Hampshire FA: “One of our aims is to have a greater impact at the grassroots level of the game and with that in mind, it’s vital we establish and nurture relationships across the country.

“Our aim is to make football inclusive for all, so by continuing our relationship with Hampshire FA we hope to share good practices and stories that will ultimately benefit the people of Hampshire.

Commenting upon the partnership, Neil Cassar, Hampshire FA Chief Executive, said: “Our media partnership package was designed to work more collaboratively with media and organisations that can support and promote our news across their channels, maximising the exposure of what we do whilst also promoting who we work with.

“The partnership package is a way of offering mutually beneficial benefits, establishing long-term commitment to promoting the game because in isolation this is simply not achievable.

“Our work and commitment to Kick It Out will therefore continue and we look forward to launching this partnership, highlighting the workforce of our dedicated Inclusion Advisory Group, staff members, our Board and other stakeholders connected to our organisation for the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion.

“We have the same vision to see this work long-term and the opportunities that will flourish as a result.”

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