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UEFA B Bridge series

The UEFA B Bridge Series is for coaches who are looking to consolidate their learning from FA level 2 and potentially looking to progress onto the next formal qualification (UEFA B). The series will be a variety of events throughout Hampshire looking at a variety of topics, these are free for all coaches with their FA Level 2.

The purpose of the series is to keep us connected with coaches in an informal manner and support your ongoing coaching journey. Furthermore, it gives coaches the chance to reconnect with peers from their courses and from others with the intention to create coaching communities throughout the County that are self-driven.

The next event will be held on 9th April 2018 at Front Lawn Recreation Ground in Havant.

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The recent bridging the gap series was a great opportunity to link performance analysis and match observation to use in practise with our teams. We have a performance analysts at the college and it was great to see a way of using them better to affect development. It was something different and will help me develop as a coach going forward. Mike , Kester and Steve made it very interesting and enjoyable.
- Jack Moore, Portsmouth College
Matt Johnson
The UEFA B bridge series was a fantastic way to observe some of the delivery methods used and taught when embarking on the Level 3 process. There were a diverse range of age groups represented at the evening and the coaches made it clear when they were delivering the methods and explained them to the observers when the players were completing the practices. The event was very open and easy to navigate giving us coaches the opportunity to move from session to session and observe across a wide spectrum of ages and ideas. The Q&A afterwards allowed observers to ask questions and the coaches gave detailed responses to really shed light on the thought process behind their delivery. The HIVE group was also very helpful to view the session plans, ideas and then as a forum for conversation. On the whole the event was a good way to 'bridge' the gap between Levels 2 and 3 and I am very much looking forward to similar events in the future.
- Matt Johnson, Senior Scout at AFC Bournemouth & PE & Games Teacher at Sherfield School